MS4W Quickstart


Install MapServer for Windows

MapServer for Windows will install the base files required by GeoMoose along with an Apache service to actually serve GeoMoose. Once installed, navigate to localhost for more detail Also, full description of optional packages in the installer are found on

ms4w setup screen 1

MapServer for Windows does come with an older version of GeoMoose, but it is recommended to skip that and install the latest and greatest version for the full Moose experience.

The MapServer for Windows installer will prompt for a path. GeoMoose is set up and expects to run from the default path (C:\ms4w\apps\gm3\htdocs\ ), so please leave it set to C:. This will also make all future updates and enhancements to the application simpler.

ms4w setup screen 2

Lastly, MapServer for Windows will ask to specify the Apache port. There is no reason to change this unless port 80 is already in use. Also, if you install another web service in the future that uses port 80, you may want to reconfigure it to run a different port.

ms4w setup screen 3

You can validate the ms4w installation by navigating to localhost, where you will be greeted by the MS4W MapServer introduction and features.

working ms4w

Install the GeoMoose Demo Data

Extract the to the C directory. This will unzip mapfiles and shapefiles used to power the GeoMoose examples.

geomoose extract zip

Install GeoMoose

Extract the to the C directory. Everything in it is already set to install where needed within the ms4w subdirectories including Apache, Apps, and httpd.d.

geomoose extract zip

Once extracted, restart the Apache MS4W Service.

restart windows apache service

GeoMoose will now show up on the MS4W localhost page under applications

geomoose listing

Click a link to launch the Desktop or Mobile version of GeoMoose.

geomoose desktop